Packing/ Unpacking


Packing Tips

General Packing

  • Do not exceed 50 lbs. for boxes and totes.
  • We will shrink-wrap all large items to protect your belongings.
  • Wrap fragile items with paper or bubble wrap thoroughly.
  • Fill any type of space with paper or some type of cushioning.
  • Heavy items on the bottom and lighter items packed on top of boxes.
  • Label Boxes
  • We cannot disconnect any type of water or gas line running to any large appliances.


  • Wrap any breakable dishware with paper or bubble wrap.
  • Remove food items from refrigerator that are not sealed shut or stored in glass.
  • Keep any hardware from disassembled items together.
  • When packing the pantry line the bottom of the boxes with cans and fill with other items from the pantry.
  • Secure any pop tops by wrapping them shut and label the box to pack with detailed instructions.
  • To save on cost you can use your old dish towels and rags for padding.


  • You can leave all clothes in dressers, please remove any breakable items that you may have in drawers.
  • We will shrink-wrap dressers, mattresses, box springs and nightstands.
  • Clothing on hangers we can provide wardrobe boxes or to save you on cost we can hang them in our truck from a strap.


  • We cannot transport any type of paint, oil, fuel, or propane.
  • With grills, please remove any charcoal or propane tanks and empty the grease trap.
  • Please drain any motorized equipment of oil and fuel.

We are committed to getting the job done.

Our Red Barn Movers will pack anything you need. We promise to be careful with your items and ensure a professional move.

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